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Support Piece. (Caryatid)
Tibet. 15-16th Century.

The earrings and the facial physiognomy of the female suggest a 16th cent date, and the style of jewelry bears this out. It is surprising that in a piece of such an impressive stature that the accoutrements were not finished with more care. This suggests that they may indeed not have been intended for view under normal conditions.

It would be too easy to attribute the image to Densatil monastery, as is a common practice in catalogues these days. Rather it is safer to suggest simply that as its style betrays something of a Nepalese influence, it may well have come from a monastery somewhere in Southern Tibet.

The figures, back to back, stand on a lotus base which itself stands upon a ritual vase, a vessel containing the elixir referred to as the water of creation. Often in Tibetan and Nepalese art, aureoles, pillars etc are depicted emerging from such vases.

Height 39cm

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