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Tibet 15th Century
Bronze and Gilding with silver inlay

This Manjusri is typical of those images made in south-central Tibet in the 15th Century. They are partly characterised by high quality fire gilding, encrustations of semi precious stones and modest, often downward-looking faces.
This lovely piece has all the these aspects. That the image is still sealed and therefore blessed with a lovely engraved vajra power bolt on its plate is an added bonus.
Of special note is the profuse silver inlay work to be seen on the circular section of the crown, the pendant necklace and the striations on the lower garment.
Manjusri is the deity whose nature is pure wisdom. This aspect of him is shown in the two attributes of lotuses at his shoulders, namely the sword and the Indian style book. The sword cleaves ignorance away from the innate wisdom allowing wisdom to flourish.

Height 17.8cm


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