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Palden Lhamo Sanskrit: Shri Devi
Tibet 17th Century

Palden Lhamo is acknowledged as the protecting deity whose main object of protection is the land of Tibet itself. Other functions of Palden Lhamo are as a preventative agent against war and as a protector of the Buddhist teachings.

Palden Lhamo is depicted seated on a mule, in wrathful pose holding sword, a club shown here as a branch , and her main hands hold a skull cup (symbol of the chalice holding innate wisdom) and the vajra chopper which grinds dualistic ideas and prejudices into a unity.
The piece has been blessed and the portal through which the blessed materials have been introduced into the statue may be seen underneath the mule's belly, sealed with the crossed vajra motif of immutability. The seal has not been broken and therefore the piece is ritually "whole".

Height 25.5cm

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