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Shakyamuni Buddha
Tibet. 16th Century.

Posed in an extremely delicate earth touching gesture, calling the earth goddess to witness his Enlightenment, Shakyamuni looks completely inwardly within himself.
It is possible that this figure might have held a bowl in his left palm as the remains of a pin can be felt.
Of particular note in this image is the detail and flow of the Buddha's robes. From the clean and even folds of the robe as it hangs on his body to the naturalistic manner in which the robe ends in neat folds on the top of the lotus base, the robes are clearly the work of a master. Also to be noted are the folds at the rear of the piece.
Most unusually the robe (Sanskrit: sanghati) is shown flowing smoothly around the Buddha's right shoulder and tucked up in neat folds into the undergarment, presumably under the main robe. This is a charming and rarely seen detail.

Height 22.3cm

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